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Git Hub repo with Unity projects now live

I have finally had a bit of time to get a Git Hub repository up so I can share some of my code. Expect to see a whole bunch of generative art projects, tutorial resources, shader experiments and other bits and bobs. Git hub repository Right now you can find:...

Productivity tips for working independently and in small teams

After years of working independently and in small teams, I have come across a few tips, tools and apps that help me get the most out of my work time, enjoy my work, and avoid burn out and too much stress.   Burn out and over stressing Burn out is real and burn...

Unity shader experiment: Twirl / displacement shader

I have been experimenting with creating some new shaders in Unity for my audio visual works. This shader is one of the experiments that turned out quite neat. It uses a combination of DX11 tessellation and displacement as well as twisting of the UV’s and some...

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Example projects, tutorials, shaders, code snippets. All the things to get the creative juices flowing.



2014 – 2015 Inaugural Melbourne Knowledge Fellowship from The City of Melbourne, in conjunction with International Specialised Skills Institute (ISS Institute) and the Copyright Agency Limited Cultural Fund

Software Development

2014 ‘Heave’ – Motion simulator sequencer for RMIT
2014 ‘Tekh Tonic’ – Leap Motion controlled OSC / MIDI controller suite


2011 ‘private void Initialize()’ – Ethno Tekh debut exhibition – Brunswick Arts, Melbourne, Victoria

2012 ‘Spherized v02’ – Maitreya Festival – Carisbrook, Victoria, Australia

2012 Multiple works – Movement residency – Melbourne, Victoria

2013 ‘Connections v02’/’Vex’/’Rift’ – Republika Festival – Rijeka, Croatia

2013 ‘Gravitate v01’  - Federation Square Commission – Melbourne, Victoria

2014 ‘Depthmap dance’ –  Rainbow Serpent Festival – Beaufort, Victoria

2014 ‘Vex’ – Melbourne Future Exhibition – Brunswick, Melbourne

2014 ‘Virtual reality painting’ – Dockland library opening – Melbourne, Australia

2014 ‘Enigma’Tekh’ – Sydney University, Vivid Ideas – Sydney, Australia

2015 ‘Flow’ – Federation Square, Pausefest  - Melbourne, Australia

2015 ‘3D LED cube sculpture’ – Rainbow Serpent festival  - Beaufort, Victoria, Australia

Audio visual works

2011 ‘Projection mapped stage’ - Espionage  ft. Flying Lotus – The HiFi Bar, Melbourne

2011 ‘Projection mapped stage’ – For the love festival – East Gippsland, Victoria

2012 – 2015 ‘Splash real time visuals’ –  Rainbow Serpent Festival – Beaufort, Victoria

Audio visual performances

2012 Ethno Tekh performance – Microsoft TechEd – Brisbane, Australia

2012 Ethno Tekh performance – Pause Fest 2012 – Melbourne, Australia

2012 Ethno Tekh performance – Enigmatik Vibrations – Melbourne, Australia

2013 Ethno Tekh performance – CeBit Opening – Hanover, Germany

2013 Ethno Tekh performance – Audio Teka, Vinyl – Olsztyn, Poland

2013 Ethno Tekh performance – Sound to Light, Dark Mofo – Salamanca Arts Center,  Hobart

2013 Ethno Tekh performance – Tek Star –  Byron Bay

2013 Ethno Tekh performance –   Republika Festival, Galeb Navy Ship + Rikard Bencic  - Rijeka, Croatia

Workshops / Events

2013 Splash workshop – OpenLABs – Melbourne, Australia

2013 Virtual reality workshop – OpenLABs – Melbourne, Australia

2013 Virtual reality workshop – Tek* – Melbourne, Australia

2013 Virtual reality workshop – Republika Festival –  Rijeka, Croatia

2014 Interactive audio visual experiences – Vivid Ideas – Sydney, Australia

2014 Intro to games – Docklands Library – Melbourne, Australia

2014 Intro to virtual reality – ACMI, Federation Square  - Melbourne, Australia

Brad Hammond ( XY01 )

Brad Hammond is a Melbourne based artist, teacher and creative technologist.
After honing his skills in the games industry for 6 years, he left to explore the intersections of art and technology through the creation of interactive experiences and creative tools for both artistic and commercial purposes.

Brad’s portfolio encompasses a wide variety of mediums and events including digital interactive experiences, projection mapped installations, experimental digital sculpture, generative art, public space exhibitions, gallery exhibitions, festival stage design, festival exhibitions.

Brad also has a passion for teaching and community development. He has a large online offering of video tutorials, has created and moderates a 4,000 people strong online interactive arts  and has run a variety of boundary pushing creative technology workshops nationally and internationally.

In 2012 Brad co-founded  Ethno Tekh with Chris Vik. Ethno Tekh was founded on a philosophy of evolving and sharing new forms of expressive human/digital interactions. Since the inception of Ethno Tekh they have exhibited works around the world including CeBit Germany 2013, Pause Fest Perth 2011 – 2013, Dark Mofo Hobart 2013 and Republika Fest Croatia 2013.

Ethno Tekh collaboration


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