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Want to get creative?

Want to make your own art works, generative experiments or interactive experiences?
This section contains various tutorials, code snippets and other resources to get you going on your own creative adventures. I will include tutorials across all the mediums I experiment with, from games Engines, 3D digital sculpting, generative programming examples and interaction design.


zBrush Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials

Unity Resources


Basic genetic algorithms implementation.

This is a simple Unity implementation of genetic algorithms from Daniel Shiffman’s Nature of Code.¬†The project includes a few example scenes to get you started. Feel free to use this code and share it around however you like. If you make anything interesting with it, I’d love to see.

3D spirograph

I’ve created a basic 3D spirograph with a few parameters that you can tweak at run time. This is a really easy introduction into generative art and how simple manipulations in a 3D engine can produce interesting and varied results.