3D interactive spirograph v01

Given my tendency toward generative forms, I thought, why not make a 3D spirograph and see what it can create.

How to use it:

  • Rotation X, Y, Z sets the rotation speeds for each axis. Rotations are local to each iteration.
  • Iterations changes the amount of iterations drawn (each circle and trail is an iteration)
  • IterationĀ scaler changes the size of each iteration
  • Rotation scaler changes the ratio of rotation for each iteration
  • Reset rotation resets, you guessed it, the rotation :)

If you want to make it full screen, click the icon in the bottom right.

If you would like to download the Unity Project you can get it below and I will be adding it to theĀ Get Creative page.

Download “Unity Project - 3D spirograph” Spirograph.rar – Downloaded 1476 times – 2 MB