Git Hub repo with Unity projects now live

Mehlville Jun 25, 2015 | Uncategorized |

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I have finally had a bit of time to get a Git Hub repository up so I can share some of my code. Expect to see a whole bunch of generative art projects, tutorial resources, shader experiments and other bits and bobs. Git hub repository Right now you can find:

  • Spirograph [Unity 3D] – A 3D spirograph project for Unity 3D
  • Procedural Palette  [Unity 3D] – A simple cosine procedural palette with a helpful GUI to help you understand the formula. A Unity 3D implementation of this tutorial by Iñigo Quílez
  • Daniel Shiffman’s – The Nature of Code [Unity 3D] – The Nature of Code is one of my favourite programming books and one of the ways I taught myself to code. It uses code to mimic real world phenomena and teach code, maths, physics and all kinds of interesting concepts. Nature of code was originally designed to be used with Processing. I am now porting all the example code over to Unity 3D.

Hopefully there is something useful in there for some of you.